Pathways is an almshouse charity based in West Ealing, dedicated to providing decent, affordable housing for people over 55 years old. We have been part of the local community for over 200 years.

We currently have 134 properties in the borough. Our services help older people maintain their independence, by staying in a safe, secure and affordable home.

We are now proposing to develop up to 140 new homes at our Dean Court site off Bowmans Close in West Ealing.  There is a growing need for supported housing in Ealing and we want to do more to provide good quality and affordable homes for Ealing’s older people.

The proposals are in the very early stage of development and Pathways is running a lengthy period of consultation with Dean Court residents and allotment users, to develop the proposals to a more detailed stage through a series of workshop events.

View from Bowmans Close towards Northfield Avenue
View from Bowmans Close towards Northfield Avenue. Designs by Matter Architecture.

Public Exhibition

Since we launched our original consultation we have consulted with key stakeholders and revised our plans in line with comments we received. Our new proposals minimise the impact on the allotment site and a public exhibition was held with our architects, Matter Architecture, on November 12th to exhibit the updated proposals.

The revised plans are available here.



Why now?

We want to adopt a minimum standard of housing which allows us to provide more modern, more spacious, energy efficient homes, which allow older people to stay in their home for longer and improve their quality of life.

This standard excludes much of Pathways’ historic housing stock which is cramped and often inappropriate for the needs of older people. Even with significant investment they would not give us the modern homes we need to support our residents.

We also know demand for affordable housing is increasing year-on- year. Ealing Council has said that there is an estimated shortfall of almost 2000 affordable homes per year in the borough and there are over 11,000 applicants on their housing waiting list.

The redevelopment of Dean Court will make a significant contribution in helping to house more vulnerable older people in Ealing, in homes fit for the 21st Century.


Proposed site planAerial view of Bowmans Close looking North. Designs by Matter Architecture.


We want to meet and hear from as many people as possible as we develop the proposals over the next few months.

If you have any questions on the consultation, please email us at: info@yourpathways.org.uk

Alternatively, please call us on 0207 618 9141 9AM - 5PM Monday - Friday